AutoCoder - VB to C#.Net WinForms


Way back in the days of yore (2002), I needed a 'simple' solution to auto-generate the basic Insert, Update, Select, Delete and List stored procedures for an Oracle database.
Starting with an Access database as a prototype, I quickly moved to VB6 as it provided the ability to easily change databases to connect to at run time.

Cut a long one, this simple solution evolved into a more complex code generator - not only providing the SQL (for either Oracle or MS Sql Server),
but also the data and business layer class templates for the stored procedures - in either VB6 or C# (.net).

January 2018 VS2017 C# WinForms

Having used Entity Framework on the Media Library project, the next phase was to use ADO (or more precise SqlCient) to access stored procedures on the server to perform the database updates.

Time to port the old version!

More to follow...

13-Apr-2018 - Finally sorted out the OOD.
11-Apr-2018 - Testing ADO vs EF revealed a bad use of db connections in the auto-generated code. Recoded to fix = fixed.
12-Mar-2018 - Decided to hold on the VB.NET output as, at this time, I have no need for it.
05-Mar-2018 - Have today started on the VB code generation - doh! The original cut was for VB6, so not an update....will be changed to generate VB.NET code.
01-Mar-2018 - Updated handling of DBNull
28-Feb-2018 - Spent the last week integrating to Media Library - Final restructure for ADO integration to EF style (reasoning = can switch from one to the other with minimal code changes).
21-Feb-2018 - Remodel - Separation of Concerns!
19-Feb-2018 - Changed ODBC to SqlClient and added new connection screen. Can always revert if other databases required.
15-Feb-2018 - List - optional returns: DataTable, DataReader or List - done.
14-Feb-2018 - SQL Testing - Fix SQLSeed. Added Identity return for Insert.
13-Feb-2018 - Public Table Struct as Class - done. LUSID (List, Update, Select, Insert, Delete) to use classes - done. List to be fixed - done.
12-Feb-2018 - SQL Testing - Fix SQL Drop.
11-Feb-2018 - SQL generation complete.
10-Feb-2018 - UPDATE and LIST - C# coded and tested. Start SQL generation.
08-Feb-2018 - INSERT - C# coded and tested.
07-Feb-2018 - DELETE - coded and tested.
06-Feb-2018 - SELECT - coded and tested.
31-Jan-2018 - Options Screen - select all/select none. SelectedList (List<>) added to optimize loops. Coded for DBDef, DBConv and DBErr C# code files.
30-Jan-2018 - Options Load & Save to JSON format added. Using ODBC driver to connect to target (assuming not only SQL Server. SQL for schema names and tables updated.
29-Jan-2018 - Options Load & Save to text file done.
??-Jan-2018 - MDI container and options screens added
??-Jan-2018 - Template WinForms C# application set up.